Strategic Marketing, Advertising & Design

Case Study - Freeport Merchants Association
”Close to Everything, Far from Ordinary”

Messaging Strategy:
Our messaging strategy to promote Freeport, Maine as a destination was built upon a basic need to
shift perceptions of Freeport from just a place to bargain shop into a destination where you might spend your whole vacation. Its outlet shopping image was so dominant, plus it was aware that
it didn’t have a multitude of non-shopping options within its cities borders at the time.The idea was to position it as a place that was “close to
everything” - Portland south and Bath/Brunswick to the north, so a perfect central location to access the multitude of attractions and events in the region for a “far from ordinary experience” ...all within a 1/2 hour drive.


Case Study - Augusta Economic Development
”Get Connected”


Messaging Strategy:

We looked for a unifying message to hold the campaign together. “Get Connected” became the thread that ran through the work because if anything Augusta means access to state government and decision makers but also many other important assets, all which were individually highlighted on each spread of the business attraction brochure. Stories were woven throughout to highlight some of the greatest attributes of Augusta that never get to shine their light because of the dominance as the state capital. In the end, we wanted to give Augusta a compelling
personality, with stories such as “12 foot Sturgeon leaping out of the water, having your haircut with the Governor in the chair beside you, the place where John Phillip Sousa premiered “Stars and Stripes Forever”.These are the things that add life, personality and memorability to a place.


Our business attraction brochure was the “Winner of the International Economic Development Council Award” for a print marketing in an area with a population of less than 50,000.
The project was selected by a panel of economic development experts consisting of members from both the public and private sectors and competition was open to firms around the world.

Case Study - Wasco Skylights

”A New Level of Professional Quality for the Home”


Messaging Strategy:

For many years Wasco was positioning itself in the residential skylight market as a “me too” version of the industry leaderVelux,which made good quality, everyman skylights. In order to give them a clear brand position and messaging strategy, we decided to leverage the great reputation they had in the commercial market doing high end, custom skylighting for the Smithsonian, Toyota headquarters...and position them more as the “Viking stove” in the marketplace against Velux’s Frigidaire.

A New Level of Professional Quality for the Home was a strategic branding position they could own.

Case Study - Maine’s MidCoast
”The Culture of the Coast”

Messaging Strategy:

Pennisi & Company had won a contract through the MidCoast Council of Business Development to develop a strategic messaging and marketing plan for the Bath/Brunswick/Topsham area. This required us to work, over a 6 month period, with 2 different and very diverse committees (of 20-30), one comprised of business and government entities, the other arts and cultural. Public forums were conducted on a regular basis. Perhaps the chief benefit of this six-month “discovery process” was the perceived value of community dialogue. In committee sessions and in private interviews, individuals and organizations who had not traditionally interacted were given the opportunity to listen and offer opinion to one another. In the historically splintered communities of Bath, Brunswick and Topsham, a
consensus was built with resounding approval for the work we produced. As important, was our ability to take such a diverse mix of people with sometimes opposing agendas and create an aura of teamwork to help everyone work towards a common goal.

The strategic marketing plan was a comprehensive, multi-faceted program that integrated print, PR, the internet, directional signage, radio and TV and free standing kiosks into one seamless, effective branded presentation.